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Financial Planning – Our personal and independent approach of developing financial plans is intended to help you achieve your goals and dreams, yet flexible and strong enough to accommodate inevitable change. We take an integrated approach to your finances including: saving and investing for retirement, tax planning, insurance, education financing, career changes, business ownership concerns, intergenerational support, and estate management.

At SM&C, we take pride in our innovative thinking in designing Dynamic Wealth Strategies for our clients. As a client, you can expect to receive:

Ongoing Client Support - Our approach and recommendations are customized to meet your unique needs.  We have an "open-door" policy for our clients and invite them to contact us with all their financial questions. Further, we offer our clients:

  • Complete transparency via 24/7 online access to your accounts
  • Weekly newsletter sent via email
  • Coordination with other advisors such as estate planning attorneys and tax advisors

Portfolio Management - We approach our clients’ portfolios using an analytic approach centered on their goals and subsequently develop asset allocations. Our investment philosophy centers around diversification, periodic portfolio rebalancing, and tax-efficient portfolio management. Our investment philosophy includes:

  • Diversification - We invest in different companies/categories to reduce risk and increase your long-term return. We invest your assets in a customized mix of investments that aligns with your goals and objectives.
  • Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing -Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to help you achieve your investment goals.

We are devoted to lowering volatility and reducing expenses while attaining the long-term rates of returns necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.

Ongoing Portfolio Management - As our client, you receive an individually designed asset allocation plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Your investments are monitored on an ongoing basis and may be periodically rebalanced.


Financial Strategies... For Every Stage of Life

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Vandalia: 8605 N. Dixie Dr., Suite C, Dayton, OH  Ph 937.898.5599